A sustainable concrete for the future building industry.

We utilize industrial by-products to make geopolymer concrete, reducing carbon emissions by more than 70%.

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We aim to reach 100% by 2025.

Globally industrial processes generate vast amounts of various residues with untapped potential. Our patented technology gives new value to these unutilized by-products.

At the same time, conventional concrete (based on OPC*) is the main construction material used on earth. As of today, OPC production is responsible for 6-8% of all human-made global carbon emissions.

*OPC: Ordinary Portland Cement.

We want to accelerate the world's transition to sustainable building materials.

Led by pioneers in the construction and materials technology industry, we bridge state-of-the-art research results with industry needs and opportunities.

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Our multiplex solution is based on on-site production, eliminating both transport emissions and -time. This provides a unique opportunity where mining waste has previously posed an environmental threat.

In the future we aim for our technology and materials to be part of a circular ecosystem.

This will truly impact the industry's environmental footprint.

The gap between material science and actual construction can be wide. We prove that the shift is already in motion.

We aim to have our first pilot plant in operation by the end of 2021.

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The beginning

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We are driven by science and research, collaborating closely with University of Stavanger.

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